Paladin of Chaldan


Paladin 4th Level 10882/18000 EXP
Race: Mimbrate
Alignment: Lawful Good
Ht: 6ft 1in
Wt: 165lbs
Hair: Black + beard
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Tanned

STR 16
Stamina: 14
Muscle: 18+1
DEX 10
Aim: 8
Balance: 12
CON 14
Health: 12
Fitness: 16+1
INT 12
Reason: 14
Knowledge: 10
WIS 14
Intuition: 12
Will: 16
CHA 18
Leaders.: 20
Appear.: 16

AC: 0 (Front/Sides), 4 (Rear)
THAC0: 17
HP: 40

Paladin Powers:
Circle of Power
Lay on Hands
Disease Immunity
Protection From Evil
Turn Undead
Saving Throw Bonus
Weapon Specialisation (Longsword)
Access to Priest Spells
Racial Abilities:
Damage Bonus (Longsword)
Fitness Bonus
Muscle Bonus
Sword Bonus
Non-weapon proficiencies:
Blind Fighting 7
Engineering 6
Survival 6
Tracking 7
Weapon Proficiencies:
Medium Sword Group Proficiency
Medium Shield Proficiency
Plate Armour Proficiency

Priest Spells:
Cure Light Wounds
Protection From Evil
Turn Undead:
Skeleton (1): 7
Zombie: 10
Ghoul (2): 13
Shadow (3-4): 16
Wight (5): 19
Ghast: 20

Great Helm, Banded Mail, Medium Shield, Longsword, Backpack, Rations (10), Wine Skein


Kerric joined the party after crossing their path outside of a defiled church, with the catacombs below infested with the undead. Back in town, Kerric struck a deal with the party’s (inebriated) Barbarian: should they help him return to the catacombs and purge it of undead, Kerric would join them to search for (and presumably destroy) a demonic book.

Kerric was raised by his mother in a small village in northern Mimbre, wishing to become a hunter like his older cousin Seth. At age eight, however, an outbreak of plague swept through the village and orphaned him, leaving him in the care of the local abbey. Here he met another orphan, Martin, and the two became fast friends.

At the behest of the clergy both Kerric and Martin were employed as squires, taken in by Lord Peltrad. As the years passed they were (unofficially) trained with swords, bows, and anything else they could get their hands on. At the age of nineteen Kerric was inducted into Lord Peltrad’s personal guard regiment, and, with Kerric to vouch for him, Martin followed six months later.

Disaster struck some years later as a minor dispute between Lords Peltrad and Castor escalated. Insults were traded, ultimatums were sent, and their peasant militias were making excursions across the border. Deciding to put an end to this, Lord Peltrad dispatched his soldiers supported by mercenaries. Lord Castor, known to be a greedy imbecile, was underestimated at every turn.

This cost Lord Peltrad greatly. The war was a disaster: his strategists were consistently behind and his enemies used vicious tactics to drive home any advantage. It was relentless, and within a year the keep itself, Kerric’s home, was on the front line.

Before the siege arrived, however, Lord Peltrad was assassinated from within his own ranks. Leaderless and hopelessly outnumbered, the captain of the guard started to organise a mass surrender. Kerric, refusing to be taken prisoner, prepared to flee but Martin was not so keen to follow. His friend put forward a case for compliance: for joining the victorious Lord Castor.

Martin explained that he had killed Lord Peltrad, that he would be welcomed by the invading forces as a hero and that he would share the credit with Kerric. Kerric was furious.

The two of them argued in the courtyard, pausing only for breath as a decade of friendly rivalry turned ugly. Kerric lost it and struck Martin, breaking his his nose and knocking him down. He stood, poised to beat Martin to a pulp, when the main gate was opened without resistance by Lord Castor and his retinue.

Kerric ran. He ran through the keep and out of a smaller exit, going straight into the adjoining woods. By his woodsman skills from another lifetime, and by the grace of Chaldan, he managed to survive.

Kerric sought out the old abbey where he had grown up, and through that found a fortified monastery which would train him as a Paladin. As an able fighter with now unshakeable faith, he took everything the arduous training threw at him.

At the age of twenty-five he was released once more into the world, taking odd jobs to help local law enforcement and clergy. These tasks were relatively mundane, until one day he was asked by a small town to form a party and rescue a missing child. Through this task he would meet a group of travelling adventurers, and be swept up in their quest.


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