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This is the campaign homepage for the 2nd Ed AD&D campaign set in the World of the Belgariad after the last battle between the Child of Light and Child of Dark.

ne of the key concepts of the Belgariad/Mallorean is that each god has their own people, which are usually named after their patron. there were originally seven gods: Belar, Chaladan, Mara, Issa, Nedra, Torak and Aldur, + Ul the father of the gods.

Each god chose his own people, Belar chose the Alorns, Chaladan to the Arends, Mara to the Marags, Issa to the Nyissans, Nedra to the Tolnedrans and Torak to the Angaraks. Aldur, being the eldest and wisest of the gods, chose no people.

Now, because Aldur chose no people, there were godless humans remaining. And they fractured into several groups. The Morindim fled to the north and began the worship of demons, as did their eastern cousins the Kharands; The Dalasians/Dals fled eastwards and looked to the stars for worship; The Melcenes to went eastwards, but they found no god and remained godless. Then, another faction went to the west and there, a man named Gorim came across Ul in the mountains. Gorim pleaded with Ul that they could worship him, and Ul eventually relented. Dubbing themselves the Ulgos, they fled underground and became oblivious to the affairs of men.

Meanwhile, a mischievous youth known as Garath was cast out from his village. Wandering ceaselessly he came across the spirit of Aldur.
Dubbing him Belgarath, Aldur taught him the secrets of the Will and the Word, or sorcery as mundanes liked to call it. Aldur began to call others to his banner, and thus the ugly foul-mouthed Beldin, the twins Beltira and Belkira, and the traitorous Belzedar, learnt the secrets of sorcery.
Belzedar later turned to following Torak and seeking his own power and ways to steal the Orb of Aldur but was hunted by both Beldin and Belgarath.
And Aldur was content, he poured the majority of his mystical power into a large stone, which became known as the Orb of Aldur.

Over the centuries prophecies have told of the continued struggle by the Child of Light to protect the Orb and peace in the world against the Child of Dark & Disciples of Torak, with Belgarath and Beldin leading the discoveries in the world and guiding the Child of Light.

Through the centuries the Evil God Torak has tried to steal the “Orb of Aldur” which has on one occasion maimed him and set half of himself on fire, Torak is fearful of the Orb but still wants the Orb and its power.
The prophecies of the Mrin Codex and Darine Codex tell of the coming of the Child of Light who will fight the Child of Dark and restore order. This last chain of events came about lastly with Belgarion discovering he is the Child of Light and travels with his friends to face Zandramas the Child Of Dark in confrontation.
The travelling companions Belgarath the Sorceror (over 6000 years old), Polgara the Sorceress (his daughter 4000 years old), Beldin (Belgarath’s Brother possibly older than Belgarath), Durnik, Ce’Nedra (Belgarion’s wife) and other compatriots aiding the cause.
The confrontation takes place at Korim, with both the Child of Light and Child of Dark making a choice where Zandramas makes a fatal mistake and is killed by Eriond (A God) ending the Fifth Age and the date being 5381.

In 5385 the legendary Belgarath, Beldin, Polgara, Durnik, Belgarion & Ce’Nedra decided there work was completed and left the known world with the Orb of Aldur to lands far away until the day they may yet again be required to come forth and aid mankind in the struggle against the Evil God Torak and his Grolim Disciples.

Your adventure begins……..

The year is 5387 in the Sixth Age, since the final meeting between the Child of Light and Child of Dark all seems well in the world things go on as normal everyday lives pass by, but there are some stories and rumblings coming from Karanda about a new threat.
A Grolim Wizard has been seen practising demon worshipping and conjuring demons, a new power is slowly developing many of the grolims and thulls are beginning to worship this new wizard and his power. Many of the thulls have been seen and rumoured to be travelling to Karanda, in Cthol Mishrak there have also been stories of disciples of Torak working feverishly raising the beliefs of Torak and the power of the Dark God seems to once again be growing……

Here is where are intrepid heroes begin their story…….

Assassin's Guild - The Belgariad Setting

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