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Session 1: Leaving Camaar
Session 2: Finding Gwysol the Wizard
Session 3: Church of Ruins
Session 4: Return to the Church of Ruins
Session 5: Into The Barrow of Death
Session 6: Leaving Rindig Travel Onwards
Session 7: “Ulgoland & Black Towern”
Session 8: Sinister Black Towern
Session 9: “Rumblings in the Black Towern”

Player Characters:-__
Belli – 3rd level Mage
Aygarr – 4th level Fighter
Kerric – 4th level Paladin
Ossir – 4th level Ranger
Narissa – 5th level Rogue

Caramon – 1st level Barbarian (Now deceased in the Catacombs of Church of Ruins, Session 4)
Logan – 4th level Rogue (Now deceased in the “Barrow” killed by Magris the Necromancer, Session 5)

Keysa – The Rogue (Now dead in Church of Ruins)
Valor the Sage – Camaar (Hired you to recover the Book of Demonology)
Gywsol the Wizard – (Now Dead)
Arianne the High Priestess of St Cuthberts (Now Disappeared)
Alexi the Acolyte of St Cuthberts
Valdar – Town Elder of Viskillen (Killed at the Murgo raid on the town)
Magris the Necromancer – Encountered by the Group at Viskillen, killed in the Barrow by Aygarr
Greysers – Captain of Arendian Small Army currently with the Party in the Black Towern

Mad Willy – Enemy of Belli
Tom the Thumb – Enemy of Belli
Lieutenant Despard – Enemy of Aygarr
Iona Du Toit – Enemy of Aygarr
Grolmek Ghoul Lord – (Now deceased or is he?)
Zorblek Grolim Priest of Madrank – Currently seeking the party and taking the Book of Demonology, whereabouts rumoured to be Rak Hagga
Nadira the Evil Witch – Deceased in the Black Towern

Camaar – Sendaria – Sea Port where the party started out.
Erniskit – Sendaria – Small village where the party searched for Gwysol the Wizard.
Viskillen – Arendia – Now a burnt out village.
Rymand – Arendia
Rindig – Arendia – Small City of around 2500 people where the party are currently residing.
Vo Wacune – Arendia – Famous majestic city in Arendia.
Trevan Mountains – Mountainous Range in Ulgoland
Black Towern – Evil Tower in the Trevan Mountains, Ulgoland

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