Belli the Melcene

A mage who is battling for the good of the people but cares naught for the cries of his enemies


Mage/Cleric – 3rd/1st level
Race: Melcene
Alignment: Chaotic Good (But kill them all and let the gods sort it out)
Ht: 5ft 10 Wt: medium Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown
STR 12, DEX 14, CON 15, INT 19 (3 sp), WIS 16 (2 sp), CHR 14, COM 14, PER 9
AC 5, Hit Points 15
Skills:- Jeweller, Spellcraft, Readinnnnng/writing,herbalism, riding, cooking, change to animal form 3/day
Proficiencies:-Light crossbow,Morning star, dagger
Languages:- Melcini, Murgo, Sendarian,Taldarin, Phal, Ryvan, Peladrin, Nadrak, Draznean
Equipment:- Robe, backpack, bed roll, iron pot, flint&steel,water bottle, iron rations (extra rice, spices, sugar, butter, salt, cured meats, hard cheese),Bullseye lantern, paper & pen
Magic/Special Equipment:- Hand crossbow, spellbooks (own, 2 from Grisols tower, one from the Ruins [2 × 3rd level spells in one]), books on herbalism, world history and astrology, 1927gp/35sp at last count
Bracelet of spell storing 1AC can store 20 spell points
3 scrolls of heal (6th level spell)
Spells (4pts Clerical(2
2), 10pts Mage(7+3))
Cleric 1st known:C.L.W, command, bless, entangle
Mage 1st known:sleep, armour, colour spray, spider climb, magic missile, phantasmal force, identify, charm person.
Mage 2nd known: deafness, darkness 15r, tashas laughter, magic mouth, locate object, shatter, fog cloud, misdirection, fools gold, strength, ray of enfeeblement
Cleric/Mage he believes his Clerical abilities come from study not from any god. But when memorising his clerical spells he has strange dreams were someone whispers the chants. He is now solely concentrating on the magic arts and already feel the power growing in him.

Good People
His family employed a gardener and his name was Wilfred. Whilst a cantankerous old man he and Belli formed a common bound as both were intelligent and talkative. Wilfred often talked of his extended family.

Darmus (assumed deceased)
Belli was a difficult son so when he expressed an interest in the magical arts his father paid a large sum to Darmus to take his son on as an apprentice. Whilst forced to clean, cook and generally look after Darmus he did also learn. He welcomed a life of toil after a life of idleness. Darmus took up a quest with his old adventuring party the red hand. Before entering the cavern of Yaak he asked Belli to hold onto his fragile goods and look after the camp. Darmus never return nor any of the party. Followers of the red hand took most of the items but the spells books were never taken. And so Belli learnt.

Aunt Hilda
Belli comes from a rich family but that wealth came from the death of Uncle Rupert who gave 5% to Belli’s father who started his business with the inheritance, 5% went to Auntie Gertrude and the rest went to his wife Aunt Hilda. Whilst Aunt Hilda hated most of the family she merely disliked Belli and so they formed a companionship. Aunt Hilda was very intelligent and from wise investments now has a considerable fortune.

Bad People:
Unknown (possibly Tom the thumb or Mad Dave)
Someone mugged and killed Uncle Rupert, Aunt Hilda never found out whom but there are some suspects.

John the bastard
A bully from Belli’s old prep school, Belli thinks their fathers often argued.

Mad Willy
Mad Willy was a mad old man who hung about outside Darmus’s residence. He has twice attacked Belli screaming something about a stone. He was a known bad egg.


Belli the Melcene

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