Cherek Fighter


Weapons master – 3rd level
Race: Cherek
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Ht: 5ft 7 Wt: ? Hair: Brown, Eyes: One (Brown)

STR 18, DEX 10, CON 18, INT 14, WIS 17, CHR 12, COM 9, PER 10
AC 6, Hit Points 29

Skills:- Hunter, Rope Use, Seamanship & Swimming
Weapon master 3rd level abilities:- Hit prob +1, Damage +2, Parry +2, 5/4 swings/rnd

Proficiencies:-Can use any type of weapon. Proficient in long sword, bastard sword, hand axe & long bow


Equipment:- Silver bladed +1 long sword, shield, hand axe, long bow, 30 arrows, scabbard, long sword, studded leather armour, belt, pouch, backpack, rope, winter blanket, candle, basic clothing, grappling hook, rations, water bottle


Aygarr lost his left eye at a young age due to a medical condition. He always thought that everyone was staring at him which gave him a short temper and a tendency to start fights with anyone he didn’t like the look of. He worked for a merchant on the docks before joining the Navy where he had a run in with one of his superiors and was promptly asked to leave.


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