Assassin's Guild - The Belgariad Setting

Ulgoland & Black Towern


Session 7 Summary

The party of intrepid heroes Belli, Kerric, Aygarr, Ossir and Narissa continued their journey across Arendia through a cold Feburary month heading towards the border with Ulgoland and the mountains.
After several more days of travel they approached “The Great Road” and came across a small army of 15 Arendian Infantryman led by Captain Greyers heading into Ulgoland to investigate a mysterious place called the Black Towern.

After the party discussed the merits of Captain Greyer’s trip, Kerric being the Paladin that he is decided that he should aid the small army with their quest, the rest of the party agreed and so the heroes and Arendian soldiers travelled together over the Arendian Border and into Ulgoland.
They travelled across the plain and through a small forest heading towards the Trevan Mountains and particularly the Black Towen which stands some 12,000ft up high within the mountain range.
Through cold winds, snow and blizzards of sleet the party and soldiers made there way slowly up the mountains on Day 11 while resting at night the group sentry was attacked by a Grim Spirit which attacked and killed two soldiers by fear and panic and then disappeared into the night, was this the start of evil to come….

Some of the Infantry became restless and scared but reassured by Ossir singing songs to bolster morale and boost everyone’s happiness, then onwards through the winding mountains up higher and into more coldness and blizzards of snow before after Day 13 from the Great Road they reached what looked like a large Black Tower made of black stone with much ruins rumoured to be the place of power for the Ancient Dark Majesty.
Stones and debris lay around the base of ruined Black Tower yet something also new seemed to be happening at this place of evil, intrepidly the soldiers and the party entered through the ruins into what appeared to be a Procession Hall, where they were set upon by a group of 6 Gnolls. Several soldiers died in the ensuing battle, but Kerric, Ossir, Narissa, Aygarr and Belli soon made light work of the Gnolls and the start of what was to come.

Exploring the 1st level Foyer and surrounding chambers, the party met with many Gnolls which seemed to have formed an army here, but were easily disposed by the adventurers with Kerric and Aygarr doing most of the killing, and Belli gradually putting many Gnolls to sleep with his magic the conditions were very dark and dank, although a green luminous fungi seemed to light certain areas of the Towern level.
As they progressed through this 1st level, many Gnolls were easily dispatched, and the some treasure was looted, the party discovered several guardrooms, and armouries with much new weaponry of swords, axes and bows which had been made recently. Very strange indeed for somewhere that is rumoured to be empty and have no power………

Onward searching the 1st level, more battles with Gnolls ensued with Kerric and Aygarr fighting hard, in one such battle Belli the Mage decided to try his hand at melee combat only to miss so badly that he critically hit his friend Kerric almost killing him, and decided to stay out of battle in the future. After much more fighting and looting of the 1st level, Kerric came across the Evil Witch Narinda and her Ice Memphits, after a long slugging fight with the Memphits fighting well and causing much damage to Kerric and Aygarr, meanwhile Belli was striking the witch with his magic missiles, Aygarr swung one such attack so strongly that it missed and hit Kerric and felled the mighty Paladin.
But an almost Godly like miraculous recovery and some healing from Belli, Kerric returned to the land of the living and finally hit the killing blow that felled the witch, and Aygarr finished killing the Memphits.
The party ransacked her chamber and Laboratory, taking many spell components, spellbooks, and treasure as they returned to the Procession Hall, and a short rest before deciding to climb the stairs up to the next level of the Black Towern.

What lays ahead for the Intrepid party? What evil mysteries and power still lie in wait within the Towern?
Session 8 will reveal all……..



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