Assassin's Guild - The Belgariad Setting

Session 2 - Finding Gwysol the Wizard

After discovering the Wizard Gywsol’s Laboratary and no sign of the wizard, the heroes came upon a messed up and very destroyed Lab with equipment blown everywhere, very little was salvagable except for a note saying that Gwysol had travelled south towards some Church Ruins and a spellbook.
Belli, Caramon and Aygarr decided to rest the night within the wizard’s tower before setting off on the 1 day trek south towards the Church Ruins, along the way they were attacked by mysterious giant ants which nearly killed the party were it not for a wandering Rogue by the name of Keysa.

She was able to fend of the ants and help administer some relief to the battered Belli, who was then able to heal his compatriots with the use of his priest abilities, the party rested and persuaded Keysa to travel and become part of the group. (A decision which would later cost her, her life!!!!)
Travelling onwards the heroes came across a body on the road which they discovered to be that of the Wizard – Gwysol, he had been beaten over the back of the head and left to the vultures. What now for the heroes, where would they go?
Belli decided they should push onwards to the Church Ruins, arriving just as darkness was falling and giving a very eerie and chilling feeling, Keysa discovered a storm hatch going down under the ruins and the heroes decended into the cold, dark, smelling caverns. Keysa led the way checking for traps, the first encounter the heroes encountered a Giant Spider which was easily dealt with then onwards into the dank, cold, web filled corridors. While checking some of the corridors and rooms the heroes were attacked by Ghouls and Skeletons which Belli dealt with many of these turning instantly, and the party attacking and defeating the evil undead.
In one room they came across a pit, which Keysa disarming the trap saw something gleaming in the liquid below, Belli came up with the idea of tying a rope around Keysa and lowering her into the liquid, reluctantly she agreed and was lowered into the pit of liquid.
Unfortunately, as she lowered in the liquid, the liquid attacked her that being a “Gelantinous Cube” which took it’s chance to paralyse Keysa, the party struggled to think what best to do, as Keysa slowly sank into the Cube and was struck a paralysing blow. Belli decided that it would be best to cut the rope and leave her there as she was pretty much dead by now, and subsequently cut the rope. (Shame on the Wizard/Priest!!!!)

The party was now back to three, and continued their way around the Undead corridors and rooms, not finding too much of interest as yet, although stumbling into one room and see an Undead Creature on a Throne eating a human arm, did indeed scare the heroes that they all ran from this room. Can the heroes find the stomach to re-enter the room? How long will they continue in the dank, web filled, cold caverns?

Session 3 should decide these questions and more……..



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