Assassin's Guild - The Belgariad Setting

Session 1 - Leaving Camaar

Adventure Background
The party has been together for about 1 week getting to know each other in Camaar (at first session rolling up you can all introduce your characters and brief background etc..), when one evening relaxing in the Black Opal Inn Belli the Melcene (Andrew) discovers a partial parchment left on your table.

It reads..

“…….. I am now travelling to Cthol Murgos and Rak Hagga to locate the Book of Lesser Demonology Vol 1: Karandan 3rd Age, my powerful master has instructed me to find and bring this book to her.
……………………. Her power grows stronger and soon Nahaz will return and do her bidding. We must ………………………………………………………………………
follow my tracks. I will contact you soon enough!!

Verek the Masterful

Belli brings this to the attention of the party who agree to meet Valor a local Sage in Camaar, he instructs you that Verek is a known Grolim Wizard who has been gaining in power through the last few years and responsible for several related deaths of innocent females in Eastern Sendaria.
Verek instructs you that the party must make travel to Rak Hagga and try to find the Book of Lesser Demonology Vol 1: Karandan 3rd Age, he will give you 100gps for your travel costs to buy equipment that you may need. If you can find the book and bring it to him in Camaar, he and other high ranking officials would pay you rewardingly for your efforts and the great importance of this text.

After much party deliberation and arguments you decide to make the trip to Rak Hagga, and set off for Cthol Murgos heading towards Erminit your first town stopover on your travels. The adventure has begun………………….

The party of Belli the Wizard/Cleric, Aygarr the Weaponmaster and Caramon the Barbarian travelled from Camaar in Sendaria heading on the long trip to Cthol Murgos.
You have decided to rescue the Book of Demonology from Verek the Masterful (Grolim Wizard) and bring it to Valor the Sage in Camaar for a handsome reward and payment.

On your journey you stopped at the country town of Erminit in Sendaria, after resting in the Old Stuff Inn you were approached by Alexi a Priest from the nearby Temple of St Cuthbert who wanted some aid to his temple and you accepted his need for help.

You agreed and travelled with him to the temple to meet Ariaane the High Priestess, she explained that a wizard named Gywsol had disappeared he has been good and aided the temple many times, but has not been seen for over a week now, the temple wanted to know what has happened to him.
She agreed to pay you 50 Gold pieces to find any information by visiting his Wizard’s Tower about 1.5 days ride away from Erminit, after sorting you with horses you embarked on your trip once more….

You rode for about a day and made camp near a copse, overnight Caramon was startled by a noise he went to investigate and was attacked by 2 Rock Wolves, fighting off one of them, Belli was awoken and managed to use his abilities to entangle the other rock wolf which Aygarr upon awakening managed to finish off. From the encounter you rested and travelled onwards approaching a tower and discovering a party of 8 Thulls making camp and trying to get into the tower. Meanwhile from the tower several Murgos were hurling bits of the tower which had a large explosion hole in the side of it, what caused this explosion hole?

As the party approached Belli put to sleep several of the Thulls. Then Aygarr and Caramon waded into fight and killed the remaining Thulls before looking at how to enter the tower.

Caramon proceeded to climb the outside of the tower, and with some magical help from Belli, Aygarr preceeded to do the same climbing up the tower. Both Caramon and Aygarr made it through the blast hole in the building onto the 1st Floor and enjoyed a fight with several murgos which they disposed off very easily. Upon letting belli in through the front door our intrepid heroes proceeded to search the tower for Gywsol or signs of him. After discovering the entrance hall and finding nothing of value the heroes then went up the next level and discovered a storeroom full of food such as hams, sausages etc.. (think they will be taking some of these) then into what look liked an apprentice bedroom.

In this room they found some money and some hidden weaponry then proceeded onto the next level where a fight ensued with two murgos which ended very quickly indeed. Unfortunately Caramon triggered the trap on the chest and took damage and poison but was able to heal himself very quickly.

In the next level room which appeared to be the Wizard’s Bedchamber the murgos had ransacked the room, but the party were able to find some murgo corpses, some books and scrolls which have been pretty much destroyed, they found a large chest containing 2960gps and some books and scrolls. From under the bed Aygarr found a spellbook which belli took and hid from the barbarian Caramon.
The heroes were ready to check the next room and continue up the tower.

Here we leave our heroes with one more level to discover in the tower, will they discover Gwysol or any clues to his disappearance……………



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