Assassin's Guild - The Belgariad Setting

Return to the Church of Ruins

Church of Ruins

The party of intrepid heroes returned to the Church of Ruins and once more entered into the catacombs of vileness, filth and evil with knowledge of some of the corridors and rooms from there previous encounters. They were determined to defeat Grolmek the Ghoul Lord and his hordes of undead and leave the catacombs as heroes, once in the catacombs they retraced some of their steps from their previous visit and came across several undead with which they dispatched very quickly and easily.
Finally the party made their way back to the throne room of Grolmek who was still feasting on the living flesh of a human, Belli was disgusted by the vileness and was Aygarr they both ran immediately but Kerric and Caramon went into the room and were set upon by several Ghast Lieutenants and battle commenced. Poor old Caramon seemed to be the target as the Ghasts attacked paralysing Caramon to the spot, Kerric came to aid of his ally with Aygarr finally compelling herself to join the fray. Unfortunately the brave Caramon finally met his death when Grolmek joined the attack and took the life of Caramon, outraged kerric, Aygarr continued to fight on with Belli now joining the fight and they finally overcame the Ghasts and took down the evil Grolmek.
Searching the throne room they found keys on Grolmek and some treasure and proceeded to check arreas of the dark, dank catacombs not investigated previously, the party of three found a treasure room and much riches and valuable items with which they loaded themselves up with and left the catacombs with one less party member.

The party decided to return to Erminit and alert the townsfolk to the rise in Murgo attacks on the Arendish border and the spread of undead and evilness sweeping the area. Upon returning to Erminit they sought out the High Priestess of the Church of St Cuthbert, but she had disappeared two days previously with no indication of where she was going and many of the townsfolk unaware of any events. The party rested up and re-supplied themselves before making the tough decision on their next course of action, Kerric suggested that they investigate the “Barrow” near Rymand over the Arendish Border and looking for the Necromancer that they had previously engaged.
The party agreed their best course of action was to investigate the “Barrow”, they organised a recruitment drive in Erminit and found a new party member in a Rogue who proved himself during the tests of skills, from here the party left Erminit and travelled onto the “Barrow”.

Not sure what to expect at the “Barrow” they approached after several days of travelling, the Rogue went ahead to scout and beckoned the party to the entrance to the “Barrow” with three entrances ahead of them, two were newly created and one seeming to have been an original entrance, they proceeded down into the “Barrow”. They surprised a group of Murgos and easily dispatched these with little effort.
What lies in wait down in the “Barrow”?
The next session will investigate this………



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