Assassin's Guild - The Belgariad Setting

Leaving Rindig Travel Onwards..

Leaving Rindig

After the party arrival in Rindig, the group spend a week resting in the small city while Belli is resurrected to life by the High Priest from the main temple, Kerric busies himself working with the acolytes at the temple to help those in need.
Meanwhile, Aygaar spends most the week working on his fighting skills and training with the city militia he develops the necessary skills for his improvement and advancement then returning to the temple to meet up with Kerric and Belli. At this time Ossir and Narissa arrive in the city of Rindig, both coming separately at the request of Valor the Sage back in Camaar to aid the party.
Midway through the week Aygaar receives a message stating that agents working for many Grolim priests are seeking the party and trying to waylay them from reaching or travelling to Rak Hagga to retrieve the Book of Demonology as requested by Valor the sage.

After recovering from his death experience, Belli discovers he has lost his priesthood powers and has become more adept at the powers and skills of the Mage, he seeks out Venger a powerful Wizard in Rindig and spends several days discussing arcane knowledge and arcane powers and identifying several items that were recovered from the now deceased Magris the Necromancer.
While spending a last day of rest in the Golden Dragon Inn, several strangers arrive into the Inn, a Ranger, a beautiful blonde haired woman and 4 strangers who look very rough indeed!! Belli speaks to the Ranger and discovers that Ossir has been sent to join the party, the party leave the Inn to go back to the temple where they are surprised in an alleyway by the four strangers. A fight ensues, as its clear the four strangers are here to cause the party harm, Kerric wastes no time getting into battle, with Belli using his magic missiles to good effect and Aygarr fighting alongside Ossir. After several rounds Ossir slumps to the floor bleeding heavily, one of the ruffians dies with a surprise attack from down the alleyway, while Kerric, Aygaar complete the killing of the ruffians and Belli disposes of the magic wielding ruffian.

The stranger from the shadows reveals herself to be Narissa also sent by Valor the Sage to join the party, and so the party now becomes 5 members. They reach the temple and rest for the evening before gathering supplies, wagon and horses and leave Rindig heading through the edge of the Arendish forest towards Cthol Murgos. On the first night’s travel the party are ambushed by a pack of Rock Wolves which are easily dispatched over several rounds by a good group effort, and travel continues to day two, and then day three from Rindig. The party pass the impressive and famous city of Vo Wacune as they head towards the border and into Ulgoland, not using the Great Western Road they travel cross country, on the 3rd night they are attacked by a herd of Hrulga (ferocious Horse like creatures with claws and fangs) after much battle and nearly losing one of the horses the party triumph with a good combat plan.

As we leave the party heading into day 4 and closer to Ulgoland and the weird creatures and spirits which haunt the country what lies ahead for the party? Will the party safely travel through Ulgoland?
Session 7 will reveal these and more………



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