Assassin's Guild - The Belgariad Setting

Evil Lurks and Conspires

May the young adventurers continue their journey with haste, for as we speak evil minds plot in Cthol Murgos, and Mishrak AC Thull, rumours of a joint army to attack the western kingdoms is rife…

Zorblek is already plotting and planning to raise Demon’s with stronger powers than those of Karanda, many murgo’s have stated seeing evil creatures that come from another world walking the land and devouring villages and villagers. Many innocent Ulgo’s and Tolnedran’s are being sacrificed to these abominations to keep them working for their master’s.

Can our heroes stop this plotting and stop Zorblek from his evil deeds, already many Grolim Priests are making human sacrifices and conjuring evil spirits…….

How far will these evil practices go? How far will Zorblek go, can Zandramas be re-born?

The story continues on May 15th with Session 7 of the Current Campaign……..



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