Assassin's Guild - The Belgariad Setting

Church of Ruins

The party of heroes continued looking further in the catacombs of the Church of Ruins, but due to ill health from fighting the hordes of undead they made a retreat through the storm door and upto the surface. Our heroes were greeted with the bright sunshine and the sight of their horses having been killed and partly eaten by some creatures who were not to be seen.
Footprints led of in direction of the Arendish Forest, would the heroes follow?

Meanwhile unknown by the party someone else was investigating the catacombs searching for someone, this lonely paladin by the name of Kerrick had lost his friends down in the dank, dark, cold catacombs but was relentless on his pursuit of rescuing a young boy. After sometime Kerrick discovered the young boy named Tobias and had found his quest, then proceeding out of the catacombs was confronted by our heroes. After friendly exchanges, Kerrick agreed to join the party and they all travelled to the town of Viskillen in Arendia about 4 days travel from the ruins.
Along the journey the heroes got to know their new friend before reaching Viskillen, upon arrival Kerrick led the party to the “Blue Moon” Tavern where he was greeted by the landlord relieved to see the lad Tobias, after discussions the landlord went to fetch Valdar the Town Elder.
Valdar was pleased to see the return of Kerrick and more importantly rescuing the young boy Tobias, Kerrick was rewarded for his efforts and Valdar explained he needed further help from Kerrick and would return later.

The heroes spent much of the day shopping for equipment and resting in Viskillen, later that day Valdar came back to the “Blue Moon” Tavern and spoke to Kerrick about the stories of the nearby “barrow”, and the need for help as many adventurers and townsfolk had gone to investigate but never returned, and that some townsfolk from Rymand had also disappeared mysetriously.
When Valdar left the party decided that they would not visit the “barrow”, and return to the Church of Ruins, as they relaxed in the tavern, with Caramon the Barbarian getting drunk and passing out a loud commotion could be heard from the southern end of the town.

Kerrick, Belli and Aygaar rushed to the southern end of Viskillen to discover a party of 20 Murgo’s led by a Necromancer burning and looting the town, the battle commenced with Aygaar and Kerrick wading into the fight. Belli proceeded to putting several Murgo’s to sleep through his magical skills, as the murgo’s advanced and attacked the party, with a few hits swinging in on our heroes. The Necromancer hit Kerrick with a powerful blast of arcane lightning which nearly finished the paladin there and then, heavily wounded he stood his ground as Belli continued to weave his magic on the murgo’s and Aygaar heavily in combat.
Several rounds of intense fighting insued, as around them the town’s buildings were on fire and burning heavily, the Necromancer proceeded to fire arcane energy at the heroes causing much damage as the murgo’s were slowly slain, before Kerrick collapsed under the battle and the now awakened Caramon walked into the fray, and Belli struggling before too collapsing after the onslaught from the Necromancer and the Murgos.

At this point the party decided to run for safety, as Kerrick, Caramon and Belli were also seriously wounded, they retreated to the Monastery only to find it burning down and the acolytes all laying dead. After sometime the heroes regrouped and went looking for the Necromancer but he was nowhere to be seen, the murgo’s had seemed to be gone and seeing many townsfolk dead and the town burning to the ground, our heroes decided that travelling back to the Church of Ruins was their best option. So they set out in the middle of the night to return to the Church of Ruins.

Why were the Murgo’s invading into Arendia?
Why was this town attacked?
Who was the mysterious Necromancer?

The next session may answer these questions and more……



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