Assassin's Guild - The Belgariad Setting

Sinister within the Black Towern

Black Towern

Session 8 Summary

Our intrepid heroes the “ROGUE KILLERS” continued their investigations into the dark sinister Black Towern, after clearing level one of the tower they proceeded onto level two.
As soon as they entered the Temple of Torak on the 2nd level they were attacked by yet more murgo’s and a Priest of Torak, easily disposing of the murgo’s the fight with the Priest was somewhat lengthy but ultimately the Priest fell at the hands of Aygarr.
The temple was very dark, dank and covered in pictures of human sacrifices and demon worshipping, which did not go to well with Kerric the Paladin, venturing further into the 2nd level of the Towern, the party discovered many guardroom’s and many fights broke out with Murgo sentries which were easily defeated by a combination of Kerric and Aygarr leading the way and Belli backing them up with his Sleep and Magic Missile spells. Ossir sought to bring up the rear and make sure their were no surprises.

In several rooms the party found much loot obviously gathered by evil means and sacrifices, one such room the party came under attack from a Chieftain, his troops and a Hyenadon, a battle ensued with Kerric and Aygarr getting into the fight, with Belli putting murgo after murgo to sleep with his arcane magic, and Ossir using hos bow to good effect from range. After several rounds of fierce fighting the enemy were defeated and much loot was recovered by the party, then while continuing to investigate they came across several areas where slaves were found in pens, Tolnedrans, Sendarian’s and Arends. These were released by the party and were led away by Narissa the Rogue back down to the lower level.

Onwards through the level more murgo’s were found inhabiting the Dark Towern, but these troopers were no match for the combination of Aygarr and Kerric using their great teamwork and back up by Belli’s arcane magic and the arrows from Ossir’s bow, eventually the party ventured up onto the 3rd level where they discovered a Smithy. Here they were surprised by several murgo’s and the Smithy who were easily defeated, the party discovered a large number of helms, armor, weapons enough for an army of 450 troops, very sinister going on’s and 1 large Siege Weapon.
What army was being developed within the Towern? So much weaponmaking going on unbeknown?
Is Zorblek behind this new army?

Here endeth the current story, the story will resume once more as the “ROGUE KILLERS” seek Zorblek and ultimately the Book of Demonology from Rak Hagga.



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