Assassin's Guild - The Belgariad Setting

Into the "Barrow of Death"

barrow of death

Resuming in the Barrow:-

Our party of intrepid heroes ventured further into the Barrow led by Logan the Rogue who was scouting ahead for any signs of trouble, into the next chamber which appeared to be a guardroom with 10 murgo’s relaxing inside. The party soon dispatched the murgo’s with the excellent bow skills of Logan the Rogue and Kerric and Aygarr wading into melee to easily dispatch of their weak opponents.
Logan scouted ahead into the next chamber and came across a murgo priest who was praying to Torak the One eye God, moving silently Logan crept up and garotted the unsuspecting priest before he had chance to react.

At this point movement was heard in adjoining chamber whereby Kerric and Aygarr charged into the chamber followed by Belli and then Logan, a group of 8 murgo’s were surprised and battle ensued with the party easily killing their weaker opponents and finding a small amount of money and nothing else of interest within the chamber. Onwards through the chambers the party stumbled into a room where 10 murgo’s were busy watching two of their clan wrestling each other, Belli came up with the idea of challenging the murgo’s and so the toughest murgo fighter fought hand to hand with Aygarr, Aygarr critical punched the murgo so hard that his ribs punctured a lung and the murgo died. This provoked the remaining murgo’s into a fight against the party where they were easily killed and a mocking laugh which Kerric recognised was heard by all, the party slowly headed back into the main chamber to see nothing but could sense the presence of evil.

Kerric led them into a Large communal chamber whereby Belli sent in a Phantasmal Illusion of the party which scared the female murgo’s that were making meals who fled quickly, as the party entered murgo’s arrived from two corridors to attack the party.
Aygarr moved into one corridor and proceeded to attack the enemies while murgo’s poured into the main chamber Kerric, Belli and Logan started to plan a strategy and attacked the murgo’s, Aygarr seemed to have some difficulty and kept delivering critical misses one after another. Kerric and Logan killed several murgo’s before Kerric was struck with several magic missiles from Magris the Necromancer who appeared and then proceeded to cause the party much mayhem.
While fighting hard Kerric was hit several times, as Magris tried to down the Paladin, finally Kerric went down, and the Necromancer turned his attentions to Logan the Rogue, who was struck several times and eventually died in the Communal Chamber. Meanwhile Aygarr was finally working their way through waves of murgo’s in a side chamber, the Necromancer retreated as Belli healed the Paladin who went forward looking for the Necromancer.

As Kerric and Belli moved forward into another side chamber, Aygarr was bravely fighting on and destroying murgo’s with blow after blow, clearing the side room before looking for his friends, in the other chamber Belli was fighting magic to magic with Magris, and finally succumbed to the Necromancer and died in the chamber. Murgo’s poured through as Magris turned his evilness to the Paladin, and hit Kerric who collapsed unconscious, meanwhile Aygarr was finishing off remaining murgo’s before delivering a final missle attack which killed Magris the Necromancer.
The bane of the party was now dead, silence filled the chamber as Kerric came round, to his friend Aygarr the only party member still standing, they proceeded to strip the Necromancer and carried Belli’s body with them as they retreated out of the “Barrow of Death”.
When they reached the outside world it was late afternoon and they struggled on towards the town of Rindig in Arendia about one day’s travel by foot, Kerric and Aygarr rested for the night but were surprised overnight by a pack of Rock Wolves, a fight commenced and luckily the wolves were killed after several rounds of intense fighting. When early light came up the depleted party travelled onwards to Rindig, and finally arrived around midday, upon entering the town they headed to the Temple of Nedra, and spoke with the High Priest who took Belli’s body to see if he could be resurrected, meanwhile Kerric and Aygaar sought some soothing healing and to decide their next plans, bearing in mind they were still far from their travels to Cthol Murgos to retrieve the “Book of Demonology”.

What lays ahead for the party? How will they regroup?



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