Assassin's Guild - The Belgariad Setting

Sinister within the Black Towern
Black Towern

Session 8 Summary

Our intrepid heroes the “ROGUE KILLERS” continued their investigations into the dark sinister Black Towern, after clearing level one of the tower they proceeded onto level two.
As soon as they entered the Temple of Torak on the 2nd level they were attacked by yet more murgo’s and a Priest of Torak, easily disposing of the murgo’s the fight with the Priest was somewhat lengthy but ultimately the Priest fell at the hands of Aygarr.
The temple was very dark, dank and covered in pictures of human sacrifices and demon worshipping, which did not go to well with Kerric the Paladin, venturing further into the 2nd level of the Towern, the party discovered many guardroom’s and many fights broke out with Murgo sentries which were easily defeated by a combination of Kerric and Aygarr leading the way and Belli backing them up with his Sleep and Magic Missile spells. Ossir sought to bring up the rear and make sure their were no surprises.

In several rooms the party found much loot obviously gathered by evil means and sacrifices, one such room the party came under attack from a Chieftain, his troops and a Hyenadon, a battle ensued with Kerric and Aygarr getting into the fight, with Belli putting murgo after murgo to sleep with his arcane magic, and Ossir using hos bow to good effect from range. After several rounds of fierce fighting the enemy were defeated and much loot was recovered by the party, then while continuing to investigate they came across several areas where slaves were found in pens, Tolnedrans, Sendarian’s and Arends. These were released by the party and were led away by Narissa the Rogue back down to the lower level.

Onwards through the level more murgo’s were found inhabiting the Dark Towern, but these troopers were no match for the combination of Aygarr and Kerric using their great teamwork and back up by Belli’s arcane magic and the arrows from Ossir’s bow, eventually the party ventured up onto the 3rd level where they discovered a Smithy. Here they were surprised by several murgo’s and the Smithy who were easily defeated, the party discovered a large number of helms, armor, weapons enough for an army of 450 troops, very sinister going on’s and 1 large Siege Weapon.
What army was being developed within the Towern? So much weaponmaking going on unbeknown?
Is Zorblek behind this new army?

Here endeth the current story, the story will resume once more as the “ROGUE KILLERS” seek Zorblek and ultimately the Book of Demonology from Rak Hagga.

Ulgoland & Black Towern

Session 7 Summary

The party of intrepid heroes Belli, Kerric, Aygarr, Ossir and Narissa continued their journey across Arendia through a cold Feburary month heading towards the border with Ulgoland and the mountains.
After several more days of travel they approached “The Great Road” and came across a small army of 15 Arendian Infantryman led by Captain Greyers heading into Ulgoland to investigate a mysterious place called the Black Towern.

After the party discussed the merits of Captain Greyer’s trip, Kerric being the Paladin that he is decided that he should aid the small army with their quest, the rest of the party agreed and so the heroes and Arendian soldiers travelled together over the Arendian Border and into Ulgoland.
They travelled across the plain and through a small forest heading towards the Trevan Mountains and particularly the Black Towen which stands some 12,000ft up high within the mountain range.
Through cold winds, snow and blizzards of sleet the party and soldiers made there way slowly up the mountains on Day 11 while resting at night the group sentry was attacked by a Grim Spirit which attacked and killed two soldiers by fear and panic and then disappeared into the night, was this the start of evil to come….

Some of the Infantry became restless and scared but reassured by Ossir singing songs to bolster morale and boost everyone’s happiness, then onwards through the winding mountains up higher and into more coldness and blizzards of snow before after Day 13 from the Great Road they reached what looked like a large Black Tower made of black stone with much ruins rumoured to be the place of power for the Ancient Dark Majesty.
Stones and debris lay around the base of ruined Black Tower yet something also new seemed to be happening at this place of evil, intrepidly the soldiers and the party entered through the ruins into what appeared to be a Procession Hall, where they were set upon by a group of 6 Gnolls. Several soldiers died in the ensuing battle, but Kerric, Ossir, Narissa, Aygarr and Belli soon made light work of the Gnolls and the start of what was to come.

Exploring the 1st level Foyer and surrounding chambers, the party met with many Gnolls which seemed to have formed an army here, but were easily disposed by the adventurers with Kerric and Aygarr doing most of the killing, and Belli gradually putting many Gnolls to sleep with his magic the conditions were very dark and dank, although a green luminous fungi seemed to light certain areas of the Towern level.
As they progressed through this 1st level, many Gnolls were easily dispatched, and the some treasure was looted, the party discovered several guardrooms, and armouries with much new weaponry of swords, axes and bows which had been made recently. Very strange indeed for somewhere that is rumoured to be empty and have no power………

Onward searching the 1st level, more battles with Gnolls ensued with Kerric and Aygarr fighting hard, in one such battle Belli the Mage decided to try his hand at melee combat only to miss so badly that he critically hit his friend Kerric almost killing him, and decided to stay out of battle in the future. After much more fighting and looting of the 1st level, Kerric came across the Evil Witch Narinda and her Ice Memphits, after a long slugging fight with the Memphits fighting well and causing much damage to Kerric and Aygarr, meanwhile Belli was striking the witch with his magic missiles, Aygarr swung one such attack so strongly that it missed and hit Kerric and felled the mighty Paladin.
But an almost Godly like miraculous recovery and some healing from Belli, Kerric returned to the land of the living and finally hit the killing blow that felled the witch, and Aygarr finished killing the Memphits.
The party ransacked her chamber and Laboratory, taking many spell components, spellbooks, and treasure as they returned to the Procession Hall, and a short rest before deciding to climb the stairs up to the next level of the Black Towern.

What lays ahead for the Intrepid party? What evil mysteries and power still lie in wait within the Towern?
Session 8 will reveal all……..

Evil Lurks and Conspires

May the young adventurers continue their journey with haste, for as we speak evil minds plot in Cthol Murgos, and Mishrak AC Thull, rumours of a joint army to attack the western kingdoms is rife…

Zorblek is already plotting and planning to raise Demon’s with stronger powers than those of Karanda, many murgo’s have stated seeing evil creatures that come from another world walking the land and devouring villages and villagers. Many innocent Ulgo’s and Tolnedran’s are being sacrificed to these abominations to keep them working for their master’s.

Can our heroes stop this plotting and stop Zorblek from his evil deeds, already many Grolim Priests are making human sacrifices and conjuring evil spirits…….

How far will these evil practices go? How far will Zorblek go, can Zandramas be re-born?

The story continues on May 15th with Session 7 of the Current Campaign……..

Leaving Rindig Travel Onwards..
Leaving Rindig

After the party arrival in Rindig, the group spend a week resting in the small city while Belli is resurrected to life by the High Priest from the main temple, Kerric busies himself working with the acolytes at the temple to help those in need.
Meanwhile, Aygaar spends most the week working on his fighting skills and training with the city militia he develops the necessary skills for his improvement and advancement then returning to the temple to meet up with Kerric and Belli. At this time Ossir and Narissa arrive in the city of Rindig, both coming separately at the request of Valor the Sage back in Camaar to aid the party.
Midway through the week Aygaar receives a message stating that agents working for many Grolim priests are seeking the party and trying to waylay them from reaching or travelling to Rak Hagga to retrieve the Book of Demonology as requested by Valor the sage.

After recovering from his death experience, Belli discovers he has lost his priesthood powers and has become more adept at the powers and skills of the Mage, he seeks out Venger a powerful Wizard in Rindig and spends several days discussing arcane knowledge and arcane powers and identifying several items that were recovered from the now deceased Magris the Necromancer.
While spending a last day of rest in the Golden Dragon Inn, several strangers arrive into the Inn, a Ranger, a beautiful blonde haired woman and 4 strangers who look very rough indeed!! Belli speaks to the Ranger and discovers that Ossir has been sent to join the party, the party leave the Inn to go back to the temple where they are surprised in an alleyway by the four strangers. A fight ensues, as its clear the four strangers are here to cause the party harm, Kerric wastes no time getting into battle, with Belli using his magic missiles to good effect and Aygarr fighting alongside Ossir. After several rounds Ossir slumps to the floor bleeding heavily, one of the ruffians dies with a surprise attack from down the alleyway, while Kerric, Aygaar complete the killing of the ruffians and Belli disposes of the magic wielding ruffian.

The stranger from the shadows reveals herself to be Narissa also sent by Valor the Sage to join the party, and so the party now becomes 5 members. They reach the temple and rest for the evening before gathering supplies, wagon and horses and leave Rindig heading through the edge of the Arendish forest towards Cthol Murgos. On the first night’s travel the party are ambushed by a pack of Rock Wolves which are easily dispatched over several rounds by a good group effort, and travel continues to day two, and then day three from Rindig. The party pass the impressive and famous city of Vo Wacune as they head towards the border and into Ulgoland, not using the Great Western Road they travel cross country, on the 3rd night they are attacked by a herd of Hrulga (ferocious Horse like creatures with claws and fangs) after much battle and nearly losing one of the horses the party triumph with a good combat plan.

As we leave the party heading into day 4 and closer to Ulgoland and the weird creatures and spirits which haunt the country what lies ahead for the party? Will the party safely travel through Ulgoland?
Session 7 will reveal these and more………

Into the "Barrow of Death"
barrow of death

Resuming in the Barrow:-

Our party of intrepid heroes ventured further into the Barrow led by Logan the Rogue who was scouting ahead for any signs of trouble, into the next chamber which appeared to be a guardroom with 10 murgo’s relaxing inside. The party soon dispatched the murgo’s with the excellent bow skills of Logan the Rogue and Kerric and Aygarr wading into melee to easily dispatch of their weak opponents.
Logan scouted ahead into the next chamber and came across a murgo priest who was praying to Torak the One eye God, moving silently Logan crept up and garotted the unsuspecting priest before he had chance to react.

At this point movement was heard in adjoining chamber whereby Kerric and Aygarr charged into the chamber followed by Belli and then Logan, a group of 8 murgo’s were surprised and battle ensued with the party easily killing their weaker opponents and finding a small amount of money and nothing else of interest within the chamber. Onwards through the chambers the party stumbled into a room where 10 murgo’s were busy watching two of their clan wrestling each other, Belli came up with the idea of challenging the murgo’s and so the toughest murgo fighter fought hand to hand with Aygarr, Aygarr critical punched the murgo so hard that his ribs punctured a lung and the murgo died. This provoked the remaining murgo’s into a fight against the party where they were easily killed and a mocking laugh which Kerric recognised was heard by all, the party slowly headed back into the main chamber to see nothing but could sense the presence of evil.

Kerric led them into a Large communal chamber whereby Belli sent in a Phantasmal Illusion of the party which scared the female murgo’s that were making meals who fled quickly, as the party entered murgo’s arrived from two corridors to attack the party.
Aygarr moved into one corridor and proceeded to attack the enemies while murgo’s poured into the main chamber Kerric, Belli and Logan started to plan a strategy and attacked the murgo’s, Aygarr seemed to have some difficulty and kept delivering critical misses one after another. Kerric and Logan killed several murgo’s before Kerric was struck with several magic missiles from Magris the Necromancer who appeared and then proceeded to cause the party much mayhem.
While fighting hard Kerric was hit several times, as Magris tried to down the Paladin, finally Kerric went down, and the Necromancer turned his attentions to Logan the Rogue, who was struck several times and eventually died in the Communal Chamber. Meanwhile Aygarr was finally working their way through waves of murgo’s in a side chamber, the Necromancer retreated as Belli healed the Paladin who went forward looking for the Necromancer.

As Kerric and Belli moved forward into another side chamber, Aygarr was bravely fighting on and destroying murgo’s with blow after blow, clearing the side room before looking for his friends, in the other chamber Belli was fighting magic to magic with Magris, and finally succumbed to the Necromancer and died in the chamber. Murgo’s poured through as Magris turned his evilness to the Paladin, and hit Kerric who collapsed unconscious, meanwhile Aygarr was finishing off remaining murgo’s before delivering a final missle attack which killed Magris the Necromancer.
The bane of the party was now dead, silence filled the chamber as Kerric came round, to his friend Aygarr the only party member still standing, they proceeded to strip the Necromancer and carried Belli’s body with them as they retreated out of the “Barrow of Death”.
When they reached the outside world it was late afternoon and they struggled on towards the town of Rindig in Arendia about one day’s travel by foot, Kerric and Aygarr rested for the night but were surprised overnight by a pack of Rock Wolves, a fight commenced and luckily the wolves were killed after several rounds of intense fighting. When early light came up the depleted party travelled onwards to Rindig, and finally arrived around midday, upon entering the town they headed to the Temple of Nedra, and spoke with the High Priest who took Belli’s body to see if he could be resurrected, meanwhile Kerric and Aygaar sought some soothing healing and to decide their next plans, bearing in mind they were still far from their travels to Cthol Murgos to retrieve the “Book of Demonology”.

What lays ahead for the party? How will they regroup?

Return to the Church of Ruins
Church of Ruins

The party of intrepid heroes returned to the Church of Ruins and once more entered into the catacombs of vileness, filth and evil with knowledge of some of the corridors and rooms from there previous encounters. They were determined to defeat Grolmek the Ghoul Lord and his hordes of undead and leave the catacombs as heroes, once in the catacombs they retraced some of their steps from their previous visit and came across several undead with which they dispatched very quickly and easily.
Finally the party made their way back to the throne room of Grolmek who was still feasting on the living flesh of a human, Belli was disgusted by the vileness and was Aygarr they both ran immediately but Kerric and Caramon went into the room and were set upon by several Ghast Lieutenants and battle commenced. Poor old Caramon seemed to be the target as the Ghasts attacked paralysing Caramon to the spot, Kerric came to aid of his ally with Aygarr finally compelling herself to join the fray. Unfortunately the brave Caramon finally met his death when Grolmek joined the attack and took the life of Caramon, outraged kerric, Aygarr continued to fight on with Belli now joining the fight and they finally overcame the Ghasts and took down the evil Grolmek.
Searching the throne room they found keys on Grolmek and some treasure and proceeded to check arreas of the dark, dank catacombs not investigated previously, the party of three found a treasure room and much riches and valuable items with which they loaded themselves up with and left the catacombs with one less party member.

The party decided to return to Erminit and alert the townsfolk to the rise in Murgo attacks on the Arendish border and the spread of undead and evilness sweeping the area. Upon returning to Erminit they sought out the High Priestess of the Church of St Cuthbert, but she had disappeared two days previously with no indication of where she was going and many of the townsfolk unaware of any events. The party rested up and re-supplied themselves before making the tough decision on their next course of action, Kerric suggested that they investigate the “Barrow” near Rymand over the Arendish Border and looking for the Necromancer that they had previously engaged.
The party agreed their best course of action was to investigate the “Barrow”, they organised a recruitment drive in Erminit and found a new party member in a Rogue who proved himself during the tests of skills, from here the party left Erminit and travelled onto the “Barrow”.

Not sure what to expect at the “Barrow” they approached after several days of travelling, the Rogue went ahead to scout and beckoned the party to the entrance to the “Barrow” with three entrances ahead of them, two were newly created and one seeming to have been an original entrance, they proceeded down into the “Barrow”. They surprised a group of Murgos and easily dispatched these with little effort.
What lies in wait down in the “Barrow”?
The next session will investigate this………

Church of Ruins

The party of heroes continued looking further in the catacombs of the Church of Ruins, but due to ill health from fighting the hordes of undead they made a retreat through the storm door and upto the surface. Our heroes were greeted with the bright sunshine and the sight of their horses having been killed and partly eaten by some creatures who were not to be seen.
Footprints led of in direction of the Arendish Forest, would the heroes follow?

Meanwhile unknown by the party someone else was investigating the catacombs searching for someone, this lonely paladin by the name of Kerrick had lost his friends down in the dank, dark, cold catacombs but was relentless on his pursuit of rescuing a young boy. After sometime Kerrick discovered the young boy named Tobias and had found his quest, then proceeding out of the catacombs was confronted by our heroes. After friendly exchanges, Kerrick agreed to join the party and they all travelled to the town of Viskillen in Arendia about 4 days travel from the ruins.
Along the journey the heroes got to know their new friend before reaching Viskillen, upon arrival Kerrick led the party to the “Blue Moon” Tavern where he was greeted by the landlord relieved to see the lad Tobias, after discussions the landlord went to fetch Valdar the Town Elder.
Valdar was pleased to see the return of Kerrick and more importantly rescuing the young boy Tobias, Kerrick was rewarded for his efforts and Valdar explained he needed further help from Kerrick and would return later.

The heroes spent much of the day shopping for equipment and resting in Viskillen, later that day Valdar came back to the “Blue Moon” Tavern and spoke to Kerrick about the stories of the nearby “barrow”, and the need for help as many adventurers and townsfolk had gone to investigate but never returned, and that some townsfolk from Rymand had also disappeared mysetriously.
When Valdar left the party decided that they would not visit the “barrow”, and return to the Church of Ruins, as they relaxed in the tavern, with Caramon the Barbarian getting drunk and passing out a loud commotion could be heard from the southern end of the town.

Kerrick, Belli and Aygaar rushed to the southern end of Viskillen to discover a party of 20 Murgo’s led by a Necromancer burning and looting the town, the battle commenced with Aygaar and Kerrick wading into the fight. Belli proceeded to putting several Murgo’s to sleep through his magical skills, as the murgo’s advanced and attacked the party, with a few hits swinging in on our heroes. The Necromancer hit Kerrick with a powerful blast of arcane lightning which nearly finished the paladin there and then, heavily wounded he stood his ground as Belli continued to weave his magic on the murgo’s and Aygaar heavily in combat.
Several rounds of intense fighting insued, as around them the town’s buildings were on fire and burning heavily, the Necromancer proceeded to fire arcane energy at the heroes causing much damage as the murgo’s were slowly slain, before Kerrick collapsed under the battle and the now awakened Caramon walked into the fray, and Belli struggling before too collapsing after the onslaught from the Necromancer and the Murgos.

At this point the party decided to run for safety, as Kerrick, Caramon and Belli were also seriously wounded, they retreated to the Monastery only to find it burning down and the acolytes all laying dead. After sometime the heroes regrouped and went looking for the Necromancer but he was nowhere to be seen, the murgo’s had seemed to be gone and seeing many townsfolk dead and the town burning to the ground, our heroes decided that travelling back to the Church of Ruins was their best option. So they set out in the middle of the night to return to the Church of Ruins.

Why were the Murgo’s invading into Arendia?
Why was this town attacked?
Who was the mysterious Necromancer?

The next session may answer these questions and more……

Session 2 - Finding Gwysol the Wizard

After discovering the Wizard Gywsol’s Laboratary and no sign of the wizard, the heroes came upon a messed up and very destroyed Lab with equipment blown everywhere, very little was salvagable except for a note saying that Gwysol had travelled south towards some Church Ruins and a spellbook.
Belli, Caramon and Aygarr decided to rest the night within the wizard’s tower before setting off on the 1 day trek south towards the Church Ruins, along the way they were attacked by mysterious giant ants which nearly killed the party were it not for a wandering Rogue by the name of Keysa.

She was able to fend of the ants and help administer some relief to the battered Belli, who was then able to heal his compatriots with the use of his priest abilities, the party rested and persuaded Keysa to travel and become part of the group. (A decision which would later cost her, her life!!!!)
Travelling onwards the heroes came across a body on the road which they discovered to be that of the Wizard – Gwysol, he had been beaten over the back of the head and left to the vultures. What now for the heroes, where would they go?
Belli decided they should push onwards to the Church Ruins, arriving just as darkness was falling and giving a very eerie and chilling feeling, Keysa discovered a storm hatch going down under the ruins and the heroes decended into the cold, dark, smelling caverns. Keysa led the way checking for traps, the first encounter the heroes encountered a Giant Spider which was easily dealt with then onwards into the dank, cold, web filled corridors. While checking some of the corridors and rooms the heroes were attacked by Ghouls and Skeletons which Belli dealt with many of these turning instantly, and the party attacking and defeating the evil undead.
In one room they came across a pit, which Keysa disarming the trap saw something gleaming in the liquid below, Belli came up with the idea of tying a rope around Keysa and lowering her into the liquid, reluctantly she agreed and was lowered into the pit of liquid.
Unfortunately, as she lowered in the liquid, the liquid attacked her that being a “Gelantinous Cube” which took it’s chance to paralyse Keysa, the party struggled to think what best to do, as Keysa slowly sank into the Cube and was struck a paralysing blow. Belli decided that it would be best to cut the rope and leave her there as she was pretty much dead by now, and subsequently cut the rope. (Shame on the Wizard/Priest!!!!)

The party was now back to three, and continued their way around the Undead corridors and rooms, not finding too much of interest as yet, although stumbling into one room and see an Undead Creature on a Throne eating a human arm, did indeed scare the heroes that they all ran from this room. Can the heroes find the stomach to re-enter the room? How long will they continue in the dank, web filled, cold caverns?

Session 3 should decide these questions and more……..

Session 1 - Leaving Camaar

Adventure Background
The party has been together for about 1 week getting to know each other in Camaar (at first session rolling up you can all introduce your characters and brief background etc..), when one evening relaxing in the Black Opal Inn Belli the Melcene (Andrew) discovers a partial parchment left on your table.

It reads..

“…….. I am now travelling to Cthol Murgos and Rak Hagga to locate the Book of Lesser Demonology Vol 1: Karandan 3rd Age, my powerful master has instructed me to find and bring this book to her.
……………………. Her power grows stronger and soon Nahaz will return and do her bidding. We must ………………………………………………………………………
follow my tracks. I will contact you soon enough!!

Verek the Masterful

Belli brings this to the attention of the party who agree to meet Valor a local Sage in Camaar, he instructs you that Verek is a known Grolim Wizard who has been gaining in power through the last few years and responsible for several related deaths of innocent females in Eastern Sendaria.
Verek instructs you that the party must make travel to Rak Hagga and try to find the Book of Lesser Demonology Vol 1: Karandan 3rd Age, he will give you 100gps for your travel costs to buy equipment that you may need. If you can find the book and bring it to him in Camaar, he and other high ranking officials would pay you rewardingly for your efforts and the great importance of this text.

After much party deliberation and arguments you decide to make the trip to Rak Hagga, and set off for Cthol Murgos heading towards Erminit your first town stopover on your travels. The adventure has begun………………….

The party of Belli the Wizard/Cleric, Aygarr the Weaponmaster and Caramon the Barbarian travelled from Camaar in Sendaria heading on the long trip to Cthol Murgos.
You have decided to rescue the Book of Demonology from Verek the Masterful (Grolim Wizard) and bring it to Valor the Sage in Camaar for a handsome reward and payment.

On your journey you stopped at the country town of Erminit in Sendaria, after resting in the Old Stuff Inn you were approached by Alexi a Priest from the nearby Temple of St Cuthbert who wanted some aid to his temple and you accepted his need for help.

You agreed and travelled with him to the temple to meet Ariaane the High Priestess, she explained that a wizard named Gywsol had disappeared he has been good and aided the temple many times, but has not been seen for over a week now, the temple wanted to know what has happened to him.
She agreed to pay you 50 Gold pieces to find any information by visiting his Wizard’s Tower about 1.5 days ride away from Erminit, after sorting you with horses you embarked on your trip once more….

You rode for about a day and made camp near a copse, overnight Caramon was startled by a noise he went to investigate and was attacked by 2 Rock Wolves, fighting off one of them, Belli was awoken and managed to use his abilities to entangle the other rock wolf which Aygarr upon awakening managed to finish off. From the encounter you rested and travelled onwards approaching a tower and discovering a party of 8 Thulls making camp and trying to get into the tower. Meanwhile from the tower several Murgos were hurling bits of the tower which had a large explosion hole in the side of it, what caused this explosion hole?

As the party approached Belli put to sleep several of the Thulls. Then Aygarr and Caramon waded into fight and killed the remaining Thulls before looking at how to enter the tower.

Caramon proceeded to climb the outside of the tower, and with some magical help from Belli, Aygarr preceeded to do the same climbing up the tower. Both Caramon and Aygarr made it through the blast hole in the building onto the 1st Floor and enjoyed a fight with several murgos which they disposed off very easily. Upon letting belli in through the front door our intrepid heroes proceeded to search the tower for Gywsol or signs of him. After discovering the entrance hall and finding nothing of value the heroes then went up the next level and discovered a storeroom full of food such as hams, sausages etc.. (think they will be taking some of these) then into what look liked an apprentice bedroom.

In this room they found some money and some hidden weaponry then proceeded onto the next level where a fight ensued with two murgos which ended very quickly indeed. Unfortunately Caramon triggered the trap on the chest and took damage and poison but was able to heal himself very quickly.

In the next level room which appeared to be the Wizard’s Bedchamber the murgos had ransacked the room, but the party were able to find some murgo corpses, some books and scrolls which have been pretty much destroyed, they found a large chest containing 2960gps and some books and scrolls. From under the bed Aygarr found a spellbook which belli took and hid from the barbarian Caramon.
The heroes were ready to check the next room and continue up the tower.

Here we leave our heroes with one more level to discover in the tower, will they discover Gwysol or any clues to his disappearance……………

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